What we do


A regular opportunity for like-minded rural business owners and managers in the Bredon Hill villages and communities to meet and share ideas, pool resources and learn from each other.

Whilst the intent is not to sell to one another, it is hoped that meaningful business rapports will naturally form, with an inevitable exchange of business over time.

Our website, Facebook page and Twitter are also a great place to share job vacancies.


To strengthen the rural local economy in the villages and communities around Bredon Hill by:

Raising the profile and awareness of the different rural businesses in the villages and communities around Bredon Hill

Encouraging local business owners to ‘do business’ with fellow local business owners

Offering a strength in numbers approach to tackle common challenges faced by rural businesses

Offering a forum in which to share business related problems and challenges with

Helping the rural economy to succession plan


Provide a forum in which to meet from impromptu informal meetings to larger more professionally led events

Offer ‘education slots’ in the form of talks from local businesses on topics which are relevant to business ownership and interesting

Building a strong group presence online and through social media

Providing a webpage on which members of the group can advertise job vacancies and work experience opportunities


Rural business owners, who’s businesses are based in the villages and communities in Gloucestershire or Worcestershire around Bredon Hill.




Various venues around Bredon Hill, including The Old Village Shop on Overbury Estate, Deer Park Hall & Business Centre at Woollas Hill, The Crown at Kemerton, The Beckford Inn in Beckford, The Queen’s Head in Elmley Castle – to name just a few!