Terms & Conditions

As a member of Bredon Hill Biz you agree that you shall not disclose or otherwise reveal directly or indirectly to a third party any confidential information disclosed by an attending business representative in a Bredon Hill Biz meeting or otherwise acquired, particularly regarding contract terms, proposed business activities, product information, systems, operations, processes, plans, intentions, developments, trade secrets, knowhow, customers and/or suppliers, manufacturing processes, prices, fees, financial agreement, schedules and information concerning the identity of the sellers, producers, buyers, lenders, borrowers, brokers, distributors, refiners, manufacturers, technology owners, or his representative and specifically individuals names, addresses, principals, or telex/fax/telephone numbers, references product or technology information and/or other information advised by an attending business representative  as being confidential or privileged without prior specific written consent of the party(s) providing such information.